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Don’t Take a Knife to a Gunfight

At Redd Queen, we speak your language. More importantly, we speak the language of the clients who seek your solutions and advocacy. As experts in market strategy, Redd Queen is able to forecast industry trends within the related fields of legal, information strategy, governance, and cybersecurity.

Our team has over 25 years years of managing corporate and private law firm operations, marketing and sales in those environments, and managing the discovery in large-scale trials in nearly every industry, at each phase maintaining client communication and understanding of the client needs in our industry.  We also have the academic rigor you would expect with undergraduate, masters and doctoral work.

Redd Queen’s Market Strategy Services

Redd Queen has utilized decades of industry experience to develop award-winning and data-driven growth and turnaround strategies. Our strategies are founded on innovative and disruptive methods designed to align with objectives and achieve or exceed your business goals. By using a personalized approach to market strategy, Redd Queen can custom-tailor the right solution for your needs.

The marketing strategy services that we provide include:

  • Market Strategy Preparation for Start-Up Business
  • Market Strategy Preparation for Turnaround of Businesses
  • Collaboration With In-House Marketing Team to Execute Strategic Plan
  • Consulting and Retained Market Strategy Services
  • Product Development Strategy  

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the services that Redd Queen can provide your business. Clients are encouraged to contact Redd Queen to discover how our team can champion your business to success.