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I wish I were just starting my career now. I would still stay in the related field that in my career path grew from working on the discovery and evidence development portion of high-stakes litigation. We reviewed linear documents repeatedly to make sure we were redacting documents to protect privileged and business confidential assets for the client. This became much harder when documents were born electronically, and a large reason law firms have been attractive targets for years. What would I do? I would jump into penetration and red team exercises. This is some of the coolest work in cyber in finding ways to penetrate and attack other systems to enable improvement in the process for protecting information from theft.

Cyber is also the career video gamers have prepared for their entire gaming life. My better half has been a serious video gamer for more than forty years. About 5 years ago we were talking about his starting college, and he was playing a video game. That was the spark that his “work” in strategy, logic, hunting bad guys, and developing a strategy to protect whatever is the asset of the game. In fact, McAfee reported in 2018 that gamers are a preferred talent source for cybersecurity jobs.

Cybersecurity remains one of the fastest-growing job sectors as new threats and challenges emerge each day. There are both business and education sectors undertaking a huge push to attract individuals toward a degree and career in cyber. Interested in joining this exciting new workforce? 

Reasons Why You Should Consider a Cybersecurity Career

Hot Job Market

To say that the cybersecurity jobs market is hot would be a huge understatement. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job market for information security analysts will grow by 32 percent by 2028 — making it one of the fastest-growing job sectors — while Cybersecurity Ventures has found that there will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs in 2021. This means that cybersecurity professionals are among the most in-demand around the world and will be for years to come.

Infinite Room for Personal and Professional Growth

Beyond just the ability to get a cybersecurity job, thanks to an ever-growing set of career tracks, cybersecurity offers a variety of different options for professionals to find a position that fits nicely with their own interests. Cybersecurity professionals work in everything from compliance to stress testing cyber defenses and software, so there are limitless ways that professionals can apply their skills and look to grow them.

Investment in Advanced Cybersecurity Pays for Itself

Due to the shortage of cybersecurity talent in the workforce, businesses and educational institutions are constantly rolling out new avenues by which to make cybersecurity careers more affordable. For example, new grants and scholarships are now becoming available each day for individuals interested in cybersecurity careers, while many businesses are beginning to offer tuition reimbursement or other financial rewards. This means that a degree in cybersecurity may be much more affordable than you originally thought.

Graduate Growth

In addition to interesting “on the ground” work that cybersecurity professionals get to take on every day, there is also a growing selection of highly tailored cybersecurity graduate programs that can further academic knowledge in cybersecurity as well. For example, graduate degrees ranging from Applied Cryptography to Network Vulnerability and Detection are at colleges and universities nationwide. Additionally, as part of this deep-dive, cybersecurity professionals will also get the opportunity to network with other students from various backgrounds allowing them to open further opportunities for future positions or businesses.