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Mavericks have no choice but to go their own way, and that’s exactly what we’ve been doing for the past twenty years.

We are not rebellious for the sake of being different, nor are we a lone wolf. Rather, we passionately blaze over our own trail with the confidence that comes from having visionary direction, and we continue to amass a loyal contingent of independent minded clients who believe in our mission.

Our excitement is palpable because we wear it on our sleeves. We have a lot more fun than our competitors because we have a lot more room in our sandbox. Above all, we are self-assured because we put our money where our mouth is, and we have an unmatched record of success to justify our pride.

We’ve made it a point to be the most strategic, trustworthy, and reliable people you’d ever meet. We acknowledge with all humility that we’re about the only people in our industry whose company you will actually enjoy. We’re there when you need us and aware that you want us.

We are both data-driven rock stars and down-to-earth people who are equally adept at the handshake as we are the fist pump. We are fun, easy to be around and wholly engaging, everything about us is intuitive, streamlined, and instinctive, because it was meticulously conceived, designed, and executed to be that way. We are both engaged in our passion; and passionate about our engagements, and it shows in everything that we do.

About Robin Athlyn Thompson

Redd Queen’s founder, Robin Thompson, is known as the most closeable lead generator in B2B using a trademarked methodology of analyzing data from disparate sources and predicting buying signals, new buyers, and market direction. Her peers have nominated her for her groundbreaking work, and she has been honored with 27 awards including two lifetime achievement awards for creating the first cyclical webinar series which ran for 15 years; for shattering marketing records at the various companies she has been associated with; and one of the most knowledgeable people in ediscovery, information governance, and cybersecurity; and the Nash Forbes of data signals and market strategy. She has also received a Gold Medal for Best PR Campaign and awards from the Executive Women’s Forum and a Stevie.

Her go to market strategy for software and solutions is personalized, and can work with you to create a strategy created specifically for you, or work with you and your marketing team when extra help is needed.

About Tara Athlyn Thompson

A product of Houston’s prestigious Vanguard program, Tara was published at age 11 in Creative Arts in the Library used in schools.  She attended Barrett, The Honors College and ASU where she graduated double-corded Summa Cum Laude in English Literature.  Her master’s was earned from USC in Library and Information Science.

Tara is a prolific reader and author of several poetry collections along with a novel that is currently in progress. Her work was chosen for Canyon Voices among entries from students and faculty at ASU.  Tara has been referred to by professors and clients as one of the most original and best at written construction and attention to detail.

Some of the skills that Tara utilizes when planning a client’s unique content strategy include:

  • Years of fully specced writing experience that goes above industry standards
  • Solid copywriting knowledge and excellent proofreading skills neatly packed under the bonnet
  • Highly experienced in MLA, APA6, APA7 and can adapt to any new format with ease
  • Consistent written copy that starts smoothly, accelerates powerfully and bounds efficiently over the finish line
  • Accuracy, swiftness, professionalism and a hearty dollop of conviviality